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Thursday, Dec 16, 2010

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What's New

Hardware Ranch sleigh rides to view elk will begin on Dec. 17.

Scofield Ice Fishing Tournament will be Jan 8.

Flaming Gorge Buckboard Burbot Bash Ice Fishing Derby will be Jan 22.

Bear Lake Cisco Disco will be Jan 22.

Fishing Tip
If ice fishermen are noisy, does that reduce fishing success?

Yes, in my opinion. On some trips I've seen good action fade when some heavy footed angler tromps by.

For many, ice fishing is a social event and they enjoy horsing around with their companions. That's fine but it may slow down fishing success, particularly if you are over shallow water. Snowmobiles, ATVs, kids jumping and stomping and anything else that sends vibrations through the ice may scare fish so they leave the immediate area, or so they go deep and stop biting.

Success often returns within a few minutes, if the vibrations stop.

If you are fishing deeper than 30 feet, the effect is not as noticeable. In some heavy traffic areas, fish seem to become use to vibrations and so noise does not have as much of an effect.

But, as a general rule, you will catch more fish if you are quiet. If you ride in on snowmobile or ATV, great, get where you are going and then park the thing. Don't keep riding around while you wait for fish to bite.

When you are on foot, walk softly, as much as possible.

- Dave

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What's Frozen

At this writing, these reservoirs reportedly have enough ice for safe fishing. Conditions can change quickly so always use caution.
- Scofield
- Flaming Gorge Firehole Area
- Otter Creek
- Huntington
- Cleveland
- Puffer Lake
- Woodruff
- Birch Creek
- Uinta Mountain lakes
- Some bays on Strawberry

Fishing Overview

Strawberry has ice on some bays and crazy people have been fishing through it. They report fair action. Ice on bays should firm up by this weekend but there will probably be dangerous ice or open water on the main part of the lake.

The weatherman says will will get a storm Saturday, with snow changing to rain in the valleys, and then more warm storms next week. That makes it very difficult to predict conditions. We expect Strawberry to be completely frozen by Christmas Day, but test ice carefully before betting your life on it.

Rockport, Echo, Jordanelle and similar waters will probably not have safe ice until we get another spell of cold weather. Deer Creek may or may not freeze solid this winter.

Fish Lake normally has safe ice by Jan 1.

Utah Lake and Willard Bay had fishable ice in harbors a couple weeks ago, but that melted with our recent mild weather. Cold overnight temperatures may put a cap on them now, but warm daytime temperatures will likely make any ice unsafe.

St George will see daytime temperatures in the high 50s next week. The weather should be great for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities.

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