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Thursday, Feb 10, 2011

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What's New

Brett Prettyman, Salt Lake Trubune, has an interesting article and blog post on why we need to do more to promote fishing.

Utah Boat Show runs through Sunday at South Towne Expo Center. It is a good show and offers one of the few valid reasons to stay in town this weekend instead of going fishing.

Bald Eagle Day is this Saturday.

Delta Snow Goose Festival will be February 25 & 26.

Early Spring
Spring-like temps in the high 60s are expected in St George this weekend. Very nice - perfect for hiking, biking, golf and other outdoor spots. The town will be crazy busy over the upcoming President's Day weekend.

Next weekend should be even nicer in southern Utah. My plan is to stick around town this weekend, then escape south to fish and hike.

- Dave

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Fishing Overview

Good ice fishing reports have recently come from these waters:
- Deer Creek Reservoir
- Rockport Reservoir
- Fish Lake
- Bear Lake
- Pineview

We've also heard good reports from fly fishermen at Lees Ferry, on the Colorado below Lake Powell. It is a great place to escape from ice and snow and enjoy sunshing and good action for nice trout. Here's more information.

Bear Lake has just recently frozen. It has safe ice in some areas but conditions may be unsafe in other spots.

Lake Powell continues to offer very good winter fishing for striped bass. Wayne Gustaveson suggests: "Use the graph to locate the school. Chum early and often to activate the school and keep them going. Use a jig head with a short shank to get the 1 inch chunk of bait down quickly to the bottom." Read Wayne's complete report.

Excellent spring fishing is expected at Powell. Wayne provided this quick forecast: "Striped bass adults will struggle and most will be eliminated from the fishery this summer. It will be excellent fishing from right now through May for these big, hungry fish. Young stripers will take advantage of the new shad crop so they will grow fast and quickly replace the adults now disadvantaged. Look for good fishing for thin adults and fat 16 inch fish. Walleye fishing will be good in May in the upper lake where the population is strong and forage is better. Smallmouth will be present in large numbers but size will diminish due to lack of shad forage in the rocky habitat."

At Powell, largemouth fishing is slow during winter and starts to improve in mid-March. Smallmouth fishing improves in April and both species offer red hot action in late April and May.

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