As a fisherman, I've gone through distinct phases:

(1) I want to catch a fish... any fish. (2) I want to catch lots of fish. (3) I want to catch big fish

Now, I enjoy helping others learn to fish. I believe outdoor activities are beneficial, particularly to young people. I'm rebuilding and improving this website to provide good how-to and where-to information. While I do that you can see my old-style pages here:

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- Dave Webb

What's New Here:

  • Strawberry Ice Is Becoming Dangerous

    Ice is now becoming dangerous at Strawberry Reservoir and other high-elevation waters. Utah State Parks reports 3 people fell through Wednesday (March 22) while using snowmobiles to get to fishing spots. So far people on foot...
  • Keep 16 Trout At Millsite Reservoir

    The limit for trout at Millsite has been increased to 16 trout to allow anglers to harvest the fish before the reservoir is drained for work on the dam. Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources provided this news release: Keep m...
  • How Wolves Helped Improve Rivers In Yellowstone

    The video below talks about ecological balance in Yellowstone National Park, and how the re-introduction of wolves helped improve the entire park system. The video was produced and shared by Sustainable Human.
  • Ice Off Brings Hot Fishing To Utah Waters

    When the ice first pulls back on a water, trout fishing turns on and action can be fast. This hot fishing often lasts a couple weeks, then slows briefly and usually stays good through the spring. Fish cruise shorelines and ha...
  • Very High Spring Flows On Green River

    Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources provided this tidbit of info, along with the photo below: Head's up, Green River anglers: Releases from Flaming Gorge dam are increasing to 4,600 cfs, which is power plant capacity. It's...
  • New Boating Rules For Lake Powell, Deer Creek

    Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources provided this news release. Pull the plug, drain your boat New rules should reduce the spread of quagga mussels If you boat on two popular waters in Utah, you need to be aware of two majo...